Nourished Nutritarian

I often get asked if nutritarianĀ eatingĀ is the same as vegan eating. The short answer is… nope.

If you haven’t read the book Eat to Live, by Joel Furhman, I suggest you begin your journey of learning there. Dr. Furhman is incredible and all of his books on eating and nutrition will give you something that you can use to change your life.

The basic idea of eating in a nutritarian way is that you eat for nutrients first.

  • You select kale over iceburg lettuce.
  • You select farrow over white rice.
  • You cut out sugar, salt and fat.
  • You commit to feeding your body what it needs, not what it thinks it wants.

In using the nutritarian way of thinking and eating, I have watched my body reshape itself, gone off anti-depressants and regained youthful attributes I haven’t experienced since my mid 20’s.

See my recommended reading page for a proper list of books to accompany you on your journey to a nourished self.